30 July 1970-21 December 1970


21 December 1970-1 June 1971

"AMC Reassigns Lance, SAM-D,"
The Redstone Rocket, 6 January 71, pp. 1-2.

Two local project managed missile systems, Lance and SAM-D, have recently been reassigned to Headquarters, U.S. Army Materiel Command.

Both formerly were designated as AMC project managed items but the project managers reported to Headquarters, AMC, through the Missile Command.

The action brought about an exchange of project managers at MICOM late in December.

Col. Rutledge P. Hazzard, who has been Pershing Project Manager since July 1, 1969, became Lance Project Manager. Col. Samuel C. Skemp, Jr., who had been Lance Project Manager since July 30, 1970, went into the top Pershing job at the same time.

Colonel Hazzard was nominated for the rank of Brigadier General in May… [1970]. Both Lance and SAM-D Project Offices have been allocated General Officer slots.

Under the provisions of an AMC general order dated December 7, Lance and SAM-D Project Managers will report directly to AMC Headquarters but will remain at Redstone and will be attached to MICOM for administrative and logistics support.

The change was effective December 1.

Lance is the Army’s newest battlefield missile system that can carry either a nuclear or conventional warhead. The system is in advanced development….

There is a precedent for a Redstone located project office reporting directly to Headquarters, AMC, and depending on MICOM for administrative and logistics support.

This was the case with the Nike Zeus anti-missile system, predecessor to the Safeguard ABM system ….

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