Photo Archives

55th Army Band, Redstone Arsenal

ABMA/50s-Era - 98 photos from the 1950s and the ABMA-era at Redstone

Aviation: photos of various aviation platforms

Buildings - 147 photos of various buildings from Redstone's past

Disasters: photos of snow storms, tornadoes, and flood damage at Redstone Arsenal

EXPLORER I : The first US satellite

Facilities: photos of various facilities from Redstone's past

HAWK: photos of one of the Army's oldest air defense systems

Jones, Congressman Robert E. Jones, Jr. : photos of the 30-year Representative from North Alabama

JUPITER : photos of the Army's first IRBM

LANCE : photos of the LANCE system

Medaris, John B. : photos of the ABMA/AOMC commander

Miscellaneous : photos that didn't neatly fit into other categories

Missile Systems: photos of various systems from Redstone's Past

MLRS: photos of the system the Iraqis called "steel rain" during DESERT STORM


PATRIOT: photos of DESERT STORM's "Scud Buster"

PERSHING - 53 photos of the PERSHING 1, 1a, II, and INF mandated destruction

Personnel: photos of personnel and key figures from Redstone's history

Provost Marshall's Office: photos of what our MPs looked like in the past

REDSTONE missile: "Old Reliable"

RSA in the 1940s : photos from the 1940s at Redstone

Sparkman, Senator John J.: photos of the Senator from Alabama

Toftoy, Holger N., MG: photos of one of the Army's missile pioneers

TOW: photos of the T ube-launched, O ptically-Tracked, W ire-guided Weapon

Trains : photos of trains at Redstone Arsenal

VIPs: photos of VIP visitors to Redstone Arsenal

Von Braun, Dr. Wernher: photos of a space pioneer